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Put a Halt on Food Cravings

Losing weight can be a challenge for many people! Dieting makes it harder. Name any diet and most of it would consist of cutting down on specific parts of your meals such as carbohydrates, sugar, meat or calories.

Dieting can create stress to the body and when stressed, the body will fight through food cravings.  Suppressing food cravings is one of the goals of dieters.

Lack of willpower is not just the cause of overeating. There are different causes for cravings and these are:

  • Low Blood sugar Levels.  There are diets that can lower down your blood sugar and when the blood sugar is low, the brain will then send us a message that you need to eat. The brain will then look for foods that can give our body a quick fix. These quick fixes are those foods rich in calories like sweet and fatty foods.
    • The solution is to stop starving yourself and to eat a healthy and balanced meal.
    • Emotions can cause drive us to eat more.  Our emotions can make us eat more. Diets can’t control your emotions and it’s important that you listen to your body cues when you feel like eating something. Take control over your emotions and don’t feed it with food.
    • Hormones. Hormones are messengers that can affect our mood, energy levels and even our appetite.  There are also certain hormones that control our appetite. Imbalanced levels of hormone can create a disruption in our body system.  Seratonin , for example, is the “feel good” hormone. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depressed and overweight people.

How then do we stop ourselves from food cravings. The solution is to:

  • Take Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Appetite Suppressants like Unique Hoodia , Hoodia Gordonii Plus and Hoodia Balance can help decrease your cravings.

  • Make small diet changes

By making slight changes in your eating habits, you can slowly train your body to adjust.